About us & History
According to a research carried out on the importance of package in purchase process of customer; it has been emphasized that the period in which product and customer encounter does not exceed 3 seconds, therefore it is important that it should appeal to the eye, it should be covered with a package arousing desire for touch and it is important to welcome consumers to the shelf together with product design to inspire them.

That's why package is like the mirror of product… It should reflect all its inner beauty, in order to lead consumer to purchasing action, as soon as possible. For POLİPA, package is not just an outer cover made of metal, paper, carton, glass or plastic material which protects products against external effects, facilitates handling, storage and delivery of products by holding them together. For Polipa, package is a eye brightening mirror which reflects your product to consumer. It reflects its inner beauty.

POLİPA, one of the top package designers and producers of Turkey and Europe, has been pulling out all the stops for more than 15 years. Designing and producing new generation thin walled plastic injection packages, covering them through IML In-Mould Labeling ( in mold labeling) technology, personalizing with package and reflecting its inner quality, POLİPA leads its sector by growing day by day.
POLİPA, having started its production in Istanbul, has positioned its production area with world class capacity and today it is largest plant solely dedicated to IML products in Turkey. It has been offering service through its projects and products bringing multinational brands in reward by exporting to both Turkey and more than 40 countries in the world, within its facilities with indoor area of 18.000 m2, equipped with environmentally friendly technologies.

Growing rapidly with its dynamic and flexible structure, POLİPA works with experts in their subject with the purpose of producing high quality products, ensuring hygiene conditions, offering the best service, delivering products in due time and proposing competitive prices.

POLİPA, having received many quality certificates, has been reflecting its perfect service mentality to its customers through its superior quality standards. POLİPA, reaching millions of people in Turkey and in the world with safe, innovative and environmental products, aims at reflecting your products outstandingly through sustainable business models in its sector.
Its vision
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To reflect its quality devoted power and services on packages of the brands it works with; to become a leading, competitive brand creating value within rigid plastic area.
Its mission
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To ensure advantage for all its shareholders through its innovative business model in which it integrates technology and strong human resources in its sector.
Its value
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Service orientation
Team spirit
Respect towards human
Its quality
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Having received ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 International Quality Certificate, POLİPA has HACCP standards aiming at ensuring all hygiene conditions and high quality standards required especially by food producers and it also has a production area equipped with the latest technology registered to SEDEX System which is the largest common platform for data sharing within ethical supply chain.

Satisfying the expectations of its customers and consumers through the packages which it designs and produces considering such factors as ease of use within requested time and quality, competitive price and high protection, POLİPA has been continuously developing its "'Quality Assurance System'" in line with the objectives of the company in order to make the company more productive and profitable and to make its employees participant, creative and happy.
Polipa's Quality Sensitivitiy and Goals for Future :
Understanding the customer expectations and requests from the moment an order is considered and converting these datas to designs and production requirements.

Completing the production with least wastage and errors

Making the required checks on raw materials, processes, semi finished goods and finished goods.

Making necessarry markings and protections on the products during all the production processes and realizing the shipments accordingly

Finding solutions for the problems occured because of usage of the product or after the delivery that are mentioned by customers

Informing and improving the quality understanding for our direct and third party suppliers